Braintrust is looking for a Switchboard - React Front-end Engineer - Direct Hire [Remote]

    ABOUT US :

    Braintrust is the only network that gives in-demand talent all the freedom of freelance with all the benefits, community and stability of a full-time role. As the first decentralized talent network, our revolutionary Web3 model ensures the community that relies on Braintrust to find work are the same people who own and build it through the blockchain token, BTRST. So unlike other… marketplaces that take 20% to 50% of talent earnings, Braintrust allows talent to keep 100% of earnings and to vote on key changes to improve the network. Braintrust is working to change the way freelance works – for good.

    • JOB TYPE: Direct Hire Position (no agencies/C2C - see notes below)
    • LOCATION: Remote - United States and Canada only (TimeZone: PST/CIST | Partial overlap)
    • SALARY: $120,000 – $150,000/yr
    • ESTIMATED DURATION: 40hr/week - Long term


    Please submit a code sample and a link to your GitHub profile with your application

    "I've been hesitant to hit the gas with Zapier. But now knowing Switchboard's there, an external source monitoring things, I'm ready to go" - Switchboard customer

    We’re building meaningful software, and that gets us excited. Non-technical teams are using tools like Airtable, Zapier, Integromat and Tray to eliminate manual work and turn their teams into automated powerhouses. One of the biggest things holding them back is being able to rely on these no-code tools for critical infrastructure. That’s what we’re working on.

    We’ve built the first error monitoring solution for no-code - letting users of Zapier and Integromat know when there’s an issue with their business-critical automations. We help teams collaborate on a fix the same way Pagerduty has helped address downtime in dev teams - assigning incidents, resolving problems, and documenting how future errors get fixed.

    But error monitoring is just the first step. How do we bring the full suite of dev ops principles to no-code?


    Our engineering team is the perfect mix of curious developers and no-code pioneers. We use the latest frameworks not to chase trends, but to sharpen our skills as engineers and stay on the forefront of the industry. We work asynchronously, actually. Two meetings per week, and we heavily rely on Slack, Loom, Linear and Notion to keep us all informed while giving us the time to plug in, without distractions, to do our best work.

    The Company

    We’re a venture-backed, seed-stage company with a collaborative team of 9 and growing. We’re remote-first, with offices in Atlanta and San Francisco. Most of us enjoy traveling, and we get together in-person in fun places for our company off-sites at least twice a year. We offer a generous stipend to get the office of your dreams set up in your house, and will pay for a co-working space in your area if you’d like. We’ve got great benefits packages, no-questions asked vacation policies, and don’t ignore HR like many startups do.

    We care about each other and value the different perspectives all of us bring. We aren’t afraid to give each other feedback and work hard to ensure we’re building a culture that’s inspiring and cultivates space for growth and learning.


    We are looking for a talented front-end focused React developer to join our team. This role entails a great deal of ownership over the Switchboard web application as the first dedicated front-end hire on our team. You’ll be supported by a full-stack engineer to help with building features, and a backend team who can make sure you have all the data you need. We also have a prototype frontend in production, so you’ll be able to reference both Figma designs and working prototypes as you help us transition to React.

    You will work closely with our design lead to translate Figma designs into pixel-perfect React components, and will be expected to have a strong understanding of frontend frameworks like Tailwind and NextJS.

    What makes and keeps this role exciting is that it:

    • allows you to focus on developing your frontend craft and design skills
    • Keeps you at the leading edge of design to development translation: we are always experimenting with the latest Figma plugins and features
    • Builds your portfolio with practical B2B dashboards
    • Typescript
    • React + Next.js
    • CSS + Tailwind
    • Node.js
    • GraphQL
    • Postgres
    • You have 3-5 years of frontend development experience
    • You have recently built a web application in React and Next.js
    • You possess a strong design background and intuitive sense of UI/UX
    • You are a CSS expert who can create responsive, pixel-perfect interfaces
    • You have experience working with GraphQL APIs
    • You have exceptional verbal and written communication skills (we operate heavily in Slack and asynchronously)
    • You have experience with front-end testing
    • You've had experience working in a small, fast-faced, agile startup environment and enjoy being on projects from the ground up
    • You’ve worked on teams where experimenting and learning from failure is encourage
    • You’ve collaborated with non-technical teams to gain added perspective on the features you built
    • You’ve worked with internal tools in a previous role
    • You’ve interfaced with non-technical teams and understand their needs
    • You enjoy building automations and tests
    • You are deeply involved in multiple developer communities
    • You are passionate about software development best practices
      Please submit a code sample and a link to your GitHub profile with your application

    Apply Now!


    Qualified candidates will be invited to do a screening interview with the Braintrust staff. We will answer your questions about the project, and our platform. If we determine it is the right fit for both parties, we'll invite you to join the platform and create a profile to apply directly for this project.

    C2C Candidates: This role is not available to C2C candidates working with an agency. If you are a professional contractor who has created an LLC/corp around their consulting practice, this is well aligned with Braintrust and we’d welcome your application.

    Braintrust values the multitude of talents and perspectives that a diverse workforce brings. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, national origin, religion, age, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or protected veteran status