Bramkas Inc. is looking for a Rust Developer

    Rust Developer

    Job Location : Denver,CO…

    Job Description

    Who we’re looking for We’re looking for a software engineer to develop high-performance data processing applications on Linux using Rust.

    Basic Qualifications

    • 3+ years software engineering experience

    • 2+ years working with Rust

    • Experience with signal processing, machine learning, or data analysis

    • Experience working with C/C++

    • Familiarity with Linux development

    Other Beneficial Qualifications

    • Python development experience

    • Experience deploying production machine learning systems

    • Experience with Tensorflow

    • Experience working on medical device software or HIPAA-compliant software

    • Familiarity with container runtimes such as Docker or Kubernetes

    Applicants should feel comfortable contributing at multiple levels to a data capture and analysis pipeline: from implementing device drivers to optimizing data processing algorithms.

    Applicants should be familiar with modern software engineering best practices and have a solid grasp of software fundamentals such as algorithm development and interface design