Cloudious LLC is looking for a GoLang Developer

    Job Description:
    Job Description
    Role: Sr. GoLang Developer…
    Location: Plano TX
    Hire Type: Full time

    • At least 5 years of experience working as a developer in GOLang
    • Strong experience in AWS cloud stack, Kunernetes Framework
    • Kubernetes experience for developing, deploying, and orchestrating micro-services
    • Experience developing applications within Docker containers
    • Experience with DevOps automation and CI/CD pipelines Terraform, Gitlab Runner/Jenkins, CloudFormation, etc

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    • Dice Id: 10114358C
    • Position Id: 2023-18731
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    Job ID: j202305110145240014717

    Recommended Job Skills: Assembly, Automation

    Average Estimate Salary for a GoLang Developer: $37,454 to $49,604

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