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    Corsearch is looking for a Ruby Developer

    Do you get excited when hearing about trademarks and brand protection news? YES?! So do we! At Corsearch, there’s no pushing trademark solutions and brand protection from our thoughts. We’re thinking about coined trademarks in the car, a detailed design search over lunch, counterfeits while sitting with the in-laws, and anti-piracy while working out

    We are a mission-led company, driven by a… passion for making the world better and safer for our brand customers and their consumers. It’s what we do. And people come to Corsearch to be challenged, developed, supported, and valued

    The Role

    Corsearch is looking for a software developer to join the anti-piracy team base in Seattle, WA. The primary duties of the role will be to enhance and scale the software and systems used for data collection, extraction, processing, and reporting.

    Ruby and MySQL are the primary technologies with support from Python and Clojure sub-systems.

    The person accepting this position will protect consumers for online scams and help support the rights of creative industries including film, TV, gaming, and publishing.

    What we do and how?

    • Write new software code to integrate data sources from APIs and web HTML
    • Help maintain large existing codebase and databases
    • Work with other developers to engineer solutions
    • Observe and trace system logs and ensure quality, uptime, and reliability
    • Keep in contact with in-person meetings, video conference calls, and text chat
    • Continuous learning of new technologies and platforms


    • 1 year experience with Ruby
    • 1 year experience with Ruby on Rails
    • Ability to use Git version control, especially branching and merging
    • Familiarity with CSS and HTML
    • Some experience write SQL statements
    • Strong determination to resolve difficult technical challenges.

    Preferred Skills

    • Knowledge of concurrency and potential pitfalls – threads and forks
    • Able to write advanced SQL aggregations and joins
    • History of using ElasticSearch and relational databases (MySQL)
    • Significant experience consuming and serving JSON APIs
    • Understanding of application security concerns like XSS and SQL injection
    • Experience building data pipelines – queues, transformations, validation, and analysis
    • Building and deploying Docker containers
    • Experience with Clojure or other functional programming language
    • Experience with Python
    • Knowledge of Bash shell scripting, Makefile