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    UNICOM Technologies Inc is looking for a Dotnet Developer

    Tools/Environment: .Net, C# Web API, Angular, SQL

    Job Description…

    · Design and develop the customer facing web application using NET framework in Visual Studio 2015/2017 with the following technologies C#, ASP.NET, Angular, API Manager

    · Modifying the content/interface of the existing applications using various technologies and based on the user requirement and architect design.

    · Developing aspx pages using C# for the code behind logic and the front end using HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript.

    · Implementing Foundation.JS to the customer application to make the website responsive to mobile users.

    · Hosting customer web application using IIS and deploy the application using Jenkins to higher environments. Validate the web forms of the customer portal using Live Validation JavaScript library and develop a smart wizard that has multiple options for the customers to choose from without the page load using the wizard.js and plug the wizard on home control of portal that pops up on the home page every 90 days to the customers.

    · Write codes for making AJAX calls on customer portal to update customer information in DB2 whenever customer makes any changes to their information and when customer enrolls or unenroll for alerts.

    · Implementing cache mechanisms to improve response times and performed refactoring to increase the performance of web services