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    Hired is looking for a Mobile Engineering Manager - Remote Optional

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    Common Responsibilities: * Help hire, train and mentor mobile engineers who join your team

    • Understanding the company goals and communicating these to the team
    • Taking on large projects and guiding a team to success
    • Designing and developing applications that users love
    • Being well-versed in the work other engineering teams do and fostering a collaborative spirit
    • Documenting all aspects of work and reporting progress to clients and executives as needed

    Skills in Demand by companies on Hired: * 5+ years of experience developing Windows Phone, Android and/or iOS applications

    • Extensive experience coding with frameworks like Android SDK, Xcode and the Windows Phone App Studio

    Preferred Skills: * Management, Architecture, Swift, Kotlin, Android, iOS, Java, React, JavaScript, TypeScript, Embedded Systems, System Design and Distributed Systems are the most in-demand skills

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