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    web3 solidity engineer…

    Compensation: $200k - $250k


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    The Role

    This role as a Core Engineer will have the primary accountability of designing, implementing, deploying, and supporting TapiocaDAO's Solidity smart contracts with the Tapioca team and its associated projects. Currently, the engineering team is working on TapiocaDAO, a DAO governed LayerZero money market based on Sushiswap's Bentobox (Yieldbox) & Kashi lending technologies which Tapioca has licensed from BoringCrypto. Tapioca is unlike many DeFi startups in that engineers have the freedom to build whatever they desire within the scope of lending/borrowing. TapiocaDAO is only the first in an ecosystem of protocols Tapioca will produce over the next 4 years.


    • Implementing the core TapiocaDAO protocol and associated functionality (such as CurveDAO contracts).
    • Integrating LayerZero & Gelato Network functionalities
    • Maintaining deployed technologies, fixing bugs, and identifying improvements to the protocol for the future

    Ideal Candidate

    • Experience building software in the Solidity programming language
    • Can autonomously work when given directives by the CTO
    • Deeply passionate about DeFi and driven to build the future
    • Team player
    • Strong communication skills
    • Familiarity with Gelato & LayerZero infrastructure
    • Deep EVM Knowledge
    • Knowledge of CurveDAO contracts
    • Experience with Typescript, Hardhat, Ether.js
    • Ability to communicate in EST hours
    • Able to commit to a long-term (2+ year) working relationship

    About Tapioca

    • Tapioca is a DeFi startup technology company based in New York with a remote staff. Tapioca has been in operation since December 2021, and has successfully gained major traction in this short period of time.
    • Tapioca's technical leadership includes 0xRektora (Sadek Mendi), and other established developers.

    Why work at Tapioca?

    New exciting startup that's growing fast that you can leave a large and lasting impact on

    Ability to work on licensed SushiSwap smart contracts such as Kashi that only SushiSwap & Abracadabra have licensed besides Tapioca, and other cutting-edge technologies

    Fully remote company, with team members in New York, Canada, and Europe

    Deeply passionate and driven leadership working around the clock for success

    Team-oriented with a long-term vision

    What We Offer

    • Top-of-the-scale salaries for the best of the best
    • Team Token Allocation
    • Bonuses
    • Creative & Professional freedom
    • Professional Growth with the company
    • Ability to work with a talented and driven team

    Application Process

    Step 1: We will contact you to schedule a Solidity test with our lead dev to gauge not only your skills but ingenuity.

    Step 2: If you pass the test, we will conduct a short video interview with our CTO/lead developer & COO

    Step 3: Upon completion of the interview, you'll begin a 2-week probationary period working with the team (you will be compensated at your annual salary rate for time put in). This is to see how well you take assignments and work with the team.

    Step 4: After the probationary period, you'll be fully onboarded onto the team and given a contract, or the hiring process ends and we mutually part ways