Computer Staff is looking for a Senior Software Engineer, C#, WPF, XAML

    We have been retained by our client in Dallas, Texas (Coppell, Texas) to deliver a Senior Software Engineer on a regular full-time, direct-hire basis to bring strengths and expertise in to this growing .NET / Windows and hardware / IoT product development team inside our manufacturing client.

    • This is a hybrid remote position in Dallas, Texas where 1-2 days a week in the office may be required… depending on what is required.

    The growth here will continue for the foreseeable future. We are seeking a qualified, senior-level, full-stack, C#, software engineering candidate who has C#, and WPF (windows presentation foundation of classes) skills. Candidate hired will learn better techniques and best practices of how to best utilize WPF and C#, XAML, threading, as well as Async / Await for example. We seek a candidate who can learn new ways to make better use of WPF, better practices with WPF, and better techniques in using the windows presentation foundation of classes (WPF). Nunit is a plus. WPF refactoring is a plus. MVVM is a big plus.

    This role is a full stack C# WPF app dev role. Not required, but these applications are similar to small controls systems applications or products interfacing with hardware for monitoring, controlling, high speed scanning, sensors, seeing eyes, touch screens, vibration monitoring, and hardware/firmware updating and reporting. The team is using C#, .NET, MVVM, XAML, the windows presentation foundation of classes (WPF). Use C#, WPF, XAML, MVVM design pattern, and SQL Server, and hardware vendor provided API's to interface with hardware, embedded windows (Windows Embedded 4.1 and in the future you will use Windows 10 IoT Core for embedded, when on .NET Core) - however embedded is only a very small piece of this job; Mainly, implement workflows with C#, WPF, XAML, MVVM, using multi-threading, async / await. Also use the newer operators, or the newer language functions with newer VS .NET versions, as well as using multi-threading, and solving timing and threading issues. .NET Core is coming up on their horizon.

    Our client hires individuals who strive to make an impact on this product development team and encourage teamwork and creativity, and in turn, our client will invest in you and your team to help grow yours and your team members' careers and build upon your and your team's software engineering skills. Our client is experiencing unprecedented growth due to fast increase in sales. This is a new team being assembled.

    We are seeking candidates interested in development with C#, WPF, XAML, thread safe multi-threading, threading issues or timing issue solutions, windows embedded, windows IoT, interfacing with hardware, SQL Server, especially using the windows presentation foundation of classes (WPF), and extensible application markup language (XAML).

    3+ years of recent C# experience with 2-3+ years of WPF (windows presentation foundation of classes) experience required. More WPF experience is preferred. Experience working with timing and threading or multi-threading issues or problems. Thread Safe. Full-stack development. Dev Team will migrate to Windows 10 IoT Core (.NET Core) within foreseeable future. WPF, XAML, SQL, multi-threading. A degree is a plus. If 3 years C# experience, then Bachelors in Computer Science is a big plus.

    Required skill set:

    • 3+ years of C# / .NET development work experience.
    • .NET, Visual Studio .NET
    • 2-3+ years of WPF (windows presentation foundation of classes experience).
    • XAML {eXtensible Application Markup Language (XAML = zammell )}
    • MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) design pattern knowledge/understanding
    • SQL Server

    Desired skills:

    • Multi-threading / multi-threaded programming
    • Nunit
    • WPF refactoring / improvements to existing code
    • workflows with XAML for WPF applications
    • Hardware access via API provided by hardware vendors
    • Newer techniques and best practices for full-stack WPF app design and development, Asynchronous programming in C#, Async, Await and others.
    • .NET Core
    • Embedded programming with windows, Windows Embedded, Windows 10 IoT, Windows 10 IoT Core
    • Azure

    Employment Type: Regular Full-Time

    Annual Salary: $85,000 - 110,000 / year

    Benefits: annual bonus, life, health, dental, vision, 401(k) matching, ADD, short-term disability, paid-vacation, paid-sick time off

    Location: Dallas, Texas (Coppell, Texas)

    • This position is hybrid remote. Work in the office maybe 1-2 days a week, depending on what is required or needed. Candidate must reside in the Dallas, TX - Fort Worth, TX area.

    Immigration: US citizens and those authorized to work in the US are encouraged to apply. We are unable to sponsor H1b candidates at this time.

    Apply with resume.

    Dallas career opportunity: Senior Software Engineer, C#, WPF, XAML

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