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    Discreet Labs is looking for a Solidity Engineer


    Our mission at Discreet Labs is to make privacy more programmable through adoption of applied cryptography, and decentralized blockchain technology…

    Discreet Labs is the developer of Findora, a public blockchain with programmable privacy. The original research team behind Findora also invented Bulletproofs, a type of zero-knowledge proofs that have been widely used across different blockchains such as Monero, Mimblewimble, and Grin. Discreet Labs has implemented Bulletproofs on Findora to support confidential transactions, and private asset issuance. The company is also working on additional zero-knowledge proofs to support confidential smart contracts for more programmable privacy.

    Discreet Labs is backed by Polychain and Powerscale Capital, and is partnered with dozens of companies and organizations including Tencent, BSN, MetisDAO, Taxa, Bank of Asia, Travel USA Express, MoneyMoov, IOTPay, YouWorld, Citcon, and Bayes.

    We have offices in Palo Alto, CA and Beijing, China, plus we have the platform tools and benefits to support you in your remote work environment.

    Although this position will be remote, with occasional travel to North America, Europe and Asia, it will require working hours that overlap with Pacific Standard Time (PST). Strong written and spoken language proficiency in English is required, although knowledge of other languages (e.g. Mandarin), would be an advantage in order to liaise with stakeholders across the world.


    • Design, code, test and deploy smart contracts on the Findora EVM

    • Review code written by other team members

    • Collaborate with auditors to ensure code quality standards and security

    • Work closely with Engineering, Research and Product areas to ship various smart contracts related to DEX, ChainBridge, and finance-related dApps

    • Write scripts to automate the testing of Findora EVM using a wide range of smart contracts

    • Organize internal smart contract development training sessions

    • Engage our community by sharing our design decisions and document how the protocol works

    • Write good English documentation for the design and user manual

    Desired skills

    • 3+ years of experience with Solidity

    • Understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, gas optimization tradeoffs and security best practices

    • Can read and understand the smart contract code of popular dApps, such as Bancor, Kyber, 0x, Uniswap, etc.

    • Had experience deploying smart contracts that have seen public use in Ethereum Mainnet or other EVMs

    • Familiar with various EVM smart contracts development tools such as Truffle, Ganache, Remix, Hardhat, etc.

    • Familiar with Nodejs, Web3.js, Ethers.js

    • Familiar with ERC20,ERC721, ERC777 etc.

    • Experience with a scripting language for test automation and monitoring, preferably Javascript or Typescript

    • Experience in working with external contributors and community members. We collaborate and interact with our growing community of developers and indexers every day. All our code is public as well as the improvement proposal process

    • Attention to detail

    • Have a collaborative, problem-solving attitude and be willing to help other team members

    Strongly Recommended

    • Have used security testing tools like MythX, Slither, Echidna, Mythril

    • Familiar with Ethereum’s JSON RPC

    • Familiar with precompiled contracts

    • Familiar with Python and Vyper

    • Know how to use monitoring tools like Tenderly

    • Interested in private smart contract research

    • Good spoken or written Mandarin is a plus.

    Our Stack

    Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, Terraform, AWS, Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), Multi-party Computation (MPC)

    Discreet Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer