Upwork is looking for a Solidity (Ethereum) developer for membership/donation website

    We're looking for a seasoned solidity developer who can write our smart contract for us. It's a platform similar to Patreon in function, but will use the Ethereum blockchain allowing people to support creators with Ethereum and various tokens. Security is of the utmost importance and an audit will be necessary before the job is considered complete by a trusted firm and competent resource with a… solid understanding and experience base developing smart contracts and integrating them to mobile and desktop applications as well as working in a distributed team in a Gitlab environment.

    1. Implement web3 integration to a react app, using metamask and wallet connect
    • Create functions to call or create transactions to the smart contracts

    • Get Ethereum Price from an API (coincap.io)

    • Connect current UI components to the data from smart contracts.

    I need: Someone who can help me bring my frontend and smartcontract together using web 3js. to integrate metamask, and also help me with integrating the API to represent a price chart

    developers who are familiar with react.js as well as web3.js are welcomed to apply