Coinocracy is looking for a Solidity (Smart Contract) Engineer

    Who We Are

    Coinocracy is a DeFi protocol in stealth mode since Q3 of 2021. We’re finalizing a Pre-Seed round, have amassed a really unique set of first users and partners, and are moving at light speed in a space that we believe will be transformative for crypto. We are young, but have big moves ahead…

    What We’re Building

    Coinocracy is a platform to enable innovative investing in on and off-chain projects using legal and crypto primitives. We have created the DAO-VC toolkit: from formation, to voting, to investing. By providing vesting tracking and displaying real-time portfolio activity, Coinocracy enables hybrid investing models on your terms, and are allowing even the most non tech savvy to manage early stage crypto investing. We are building towards democratizing the full flow of venture - including deal scouting, venture debt, options strategies, and more - and are using our deep experience of DeFi and Venture Capital to create new primitives to find new ways people can contribute to the next generation of crypto projects.

    Our business proposition is strong, but fundamentally, we want to reimagine what it means to be an “investor”, an entity that backs another person/company/dao/etc with sweat, blood, money, equity, tokens; whatever they want. Our ethos is solely focused on creating new governance and economic models that help push the world in a better place.

    What your day-to-day looks like

    • Collaborating with the co-founder and CTO to write core smart contracts for the Coinocracy Protocol
    • Writing production-quality upgradeable smart contracts, unit tests and deployment scripts
    • Following best practices in security and standards
    • Implementing smart contracts utilizing the latest in EIPs (having experience writing/reviewing them is a major plus!)
    • Ideating with the team around new DeFi primitives utilizing ERC20 and 721 bonding curves, AMMs, etc.
    • Familiarity with staking, DAO tooling, and liquidity farming contracts

    What you bring:

    • 1-3 year of professional experience writing EVM compatible smart contracts, 3-5+ years total software development experience
    • Industry standard security practices for DeFi, DAO, and NFT protocols
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills and can collaborate effectively on a breadth of technical and people topics
    • 4 hour time zone overlap of US Pacific Standard Time and comfortable working in a distributed environment
    • Even better if you have:
    • A passion for DAOs, DeFi, and/or crypto
    • Had prior experience building DeFi protocols, bonus points if they have leveraged vault structures, gnosis safes, and other secure capital pooling architectures
    • Technologies We Use and Teach: Solidity, Web3js, Hardhat, OpenZeppelin, GraphQL
    • Important note - Concerned that you don’t check all of the boxes?

    You should still apply. We recognize that amazing folks have unique backgrounds and we're more interested in your experiences, fit, and motivation over a perfect on-paper resume.

    Coinocracy focuses on Enterprise Software, Startups, Venture Capital, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in Remote. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

    You can view their website at https://www.coinocracy.finance/ or find them on Twitter