Upwork is looking for a Golang developer needed to improve Alpaca trading system and...

    Automated Stock Trading System Developer and Monitor

    This job is for an experienced Golang developer to run, monitor and improve an automated trading system that uses Alpaca.Markets to trade US stocks during US market hours. It is for this reason that you must be located in the Americas (or within 3 time zones of NYC) for this job…

    The system is in the final stages of development and thus still uses paper trading. In the future, assuming the development of the system proceeds satisfactorily, we will start trading real money.

    Job Requirements

    1. You need to have at least 2 years of experience writing Go (with mandatory experience using Go’s concurrency features)

    2. You need to work full-time during US market hours for this job

    3. You need to be familiar with trading stocks and various types of orders (limit, trailing stop, etc.) for this position

    4. You need to be able to communicate clearly with me in both written and spoken form

    5. You need to be able to use a standard Github code submission workflow


    1. Run the trading system during regular US market hours (9:30 EST - 16:00 EST)

    2. Monitor the system as it trades

    3. Improve the function of the system (e.g. look for bugs and mistracking of state)

    4. Improve the logging of the system (e.g. conversion to JSON logging library)

    5. Verify that the system is trading according to the specifications of the code (e.g. position size is not greater than position limits specified)

    6. Develop a web server that allows me to monitor performance and activity of the system remotely