Upwork is looking for a Looking to make changes for React.JS website


    I am developing an react.js application and already have a basic website working

    https://interviewloopai.vercel.app/. I would like some changes on the home page

    Phase 1:

    1. home page should have three boxes with some sample text (instructions)- I included a sample image

    (you can signup and view it live here https://www.talktothebible.com/chat/)

    1. When I click on submit button in the text area, these instructions should disappear and prompts user to upgrade

    2. Need a component with "upgrade" message that I can show/hide depending on user actions - see sample image

    Please provide a quote for above and how long it would take.

    after sucessful delivery of this I need capability for paid subscription service - I would like to know if you have experience integrating payment API's like stripe.