Upwork is looking for a Solidity Blockchain Engineer

    At Power Moves Development, we are looking for talented Solidity developers to join. If you are experienced in blockchain technology take a look at the requirements below.

    We look forward to working with you…

    Job Responsibilities

    -Interpret client requirements to the blockchain architect and lead smart contracts


    -Develop features and augmentations in a stable, tested, and efficient way

    -Develop solidity code engineering on client platforms

    -Review the technical reviews of the products

    -Take care of blockchain integration with existing applications

    -Collaborate with multi-disciplinary teams, and product managers to brainstorm the latest technologies and applications

    Minimum requirements

    -3+ years of experience as a technical architect in blockchain projects or Solidity (rare

    exceptions made based on skill-level)

    -Working experiences on different blockchain platforms, like Hyperledger, Ethereum,

    Corda, and Bitcoin

    -Hands-on experience in blockchain architecture and its applications

    -Efficiency in open-source platforms, like Hyperledger, Composer, Truffle, Neo, etc.

    -Ability to explain the blockchain concept and its feasibility

    It is also a great benefit if the engineer has experience with GYSR and UMA contracts, and if not the willingness to learn