Upwork is looking for a Expert developer in MUMPs (aka M), Vista and Vue

    EMR with CRM and mhealth fitness app as well as marketing platform, reputation management, pharmacy software. FYI, I referring to The Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System (MUMPS or simply M) dates back to 1966 and since then has been a staple of EMR database systems, including EMR software developed in-house by healthcare organizations, as well as widely used commercial EMR software (such as the software sold by Epic Systems, MEDITECH, and others). Since its invention more than a half century ago, MUMPS has evolved into numerous flavors, such as InterSystems’ Caché®, a commercial MUMPS database management system. Caché is used in Epic Systems’ commercial EMR software, as well in the EMR systems of Partners HealthCare and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. Caché and MUMPS are also prominent in financial services database software.