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    Abacus Works is looking for a Senior Rust Engineer

    Abacus Works is looking for a Senior Rust Engineer to work on Hyperlane, an interoperability protocol.

    The Hyperlane protocol provides an on-chain API for smart contract developers to send information securely from one chain to another. With Hyperlane, developers can connect their applications across a growing set of blockchains, abstracting away the complexity of interoperability to offer their… users a seamless and unified experience between blockchains.

    Learn more at docs.hyperlane.xyz

    In this role you will

    • Design, implement, and optimize the off-chain validator and relayer agents that secure the Hyperlane interchain messaging protocol
    • Simplify and document the process for third parties to participate in the protocol by running agents
    • Design and implement tokenomic incentives for protocol participation

    For this role you have or are

    • 4+ years building and maintaining high availability systems
    • 2+ years of experience working with Ethereum or EVM compatible smart contract platforms
    • 2+ years working with Rust in a professional setting
    • Ability to operate independently under uncertainty
    • Strong sense of initiative and ownership
    • A crypto native
    • The drive, intensity, and motivation to perform at a world class level
    • BONUS: Experience working with non-EVM based smart contract platforms

    Annual Salary Range: $100-250k