Apply for $50 // animate Inochi2d (Rust / JavaScript) Role @ Upwork

Word document (.doc, .docx), text, PDF (MAX. 5MB).

Upwork is looking for a $50 // animate Inochi2d (Rust / JavaScript)

Fixed price $50

  1. Programmer looking to hire programmer. Please do not BS. Please do not post GPT spam. Please test your code…

  2. Start with modify the code to allow "animation" in the following way.

  3. The Inochi2d code runs in browser. Then, when we send it a new JSON blob (via dev console), it displays the new pose.

Thus, we can "animate" the character by timing a sequence of json blobs being send to the Rust code.

To apply, post screencast of Inochi2D running in your browser (this convinces me you managed to build the Rust code