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    Cloudflare is looking for a Engineering Manager

    About the Department

    Emerging Technologies & Incubation (ETI) is where new and bold products are built and released within Cloudflare. Rather than being constrained by the structures which make Cloudflare a massively successful business, we are able to leverage them to deliver entirely new tools and products to our customers. Cloudflare’s edge and network make it possible to solve problems at… massive scale and efficiency which would be impossible for almost any other organization.

    What you'll do

    We are looking for an Engineering Manager to join Cloudflare, in charge of a new project. You will lead a team of passionate, talented engineers that are building the systems that decentralize applications deployed on millions of sites. You will play an active part in shaping the product and team that will build core infrastructure. You will make sure our company hits our ambitious engineering goals. You will change the way people build applications.

    You bring a passion for meeting business needs by building technical, innovative solutions. You excel to understand how big-picture goals inform technical details. You thrive in a fast-paced iterative engineering environment and have experience in delivering scalable distributed systems. Most importantly, you have a track record of having past teams respect you as both a technical leader and manager.

    Examples of desirable skills, knowledge and experience

    • Experience leading a team
    • Comfortable leading and hiring a team that builds the backend bits and frontend widgets
    • Excel at planning, creating teams and overseeing execution to meet commitments and deliver with predictability
    • Comfortable building developer-loved APIs that scale
    • Demonstrate a track record of leading a team including hiring, on-boarding, and professional development. You inspire your team to reach higher. You’re as good as explaining “why” as you are “how”
    • Experience implementing tools, process, internal instrumentation, methodologies and resolving blockages
    • Comfortable managing teams/projections with tight deadlines and short release cycles

    Bonus Points

    • Experience building massive distributed systems
    • Experience leading teams using any of the following: modern JavaScript, C++, Web Assembly. Rust or Go