Concent Software Solution LLC is looking for a React Front Developer

    Job Description:
    Job Description

    React Front Developer

    Richfield,MN Day 1 Onsite


    Developing and implementing front-end architecture to support user interface concepts.

    Writing application interface codes using Typescript following react.js workflows.

    Developing and implementing highly responsive user interface components using react concepts.

    Reviewing application requirements and interface designs.

    Identifying web-based user interactions, developing HTML, CSS themes to support accessibility and multilingual bidirectional (RTL).

    Meeting with Web designers to discuss project design and layout

    Developing and implementing front-end architecture to support user interface concepts.

    Monitoring and improving front-end performance.

    Developer Requirements:

    Knowledge of web design and user application requirements

    Experience in developing applications to support the Accessibility, Multilingual bidirectional (RTL) support.

    Experience working as a react.js developer.

    In-depth knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, HTML, and front-end languages.

    Knowledge of REACT tools including React.js, Webpack, Enzyme, Redux, and Flux.

    Experience with user interface design.

    Knowledge of performance testing frameworks including Mocha and Jest.

    Experience with browser-based debugging and performance testing software.

    Excellent troubleshooting skills.

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    Recommended Job Skills: Bug/Defect Analysis, Debugging

    Average Estimate Salary for a React Front Developer: $46.93 to $60.48

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