Dagger is looking for a Software Engineer

    Our Mission
    We aspire to build the “devops operating system”: one integrated platform to orchestrate the delivery of applications to the cloud, from start to finish. We will accomplish this by giving devops enthusiasts what they want most: a programming environment which can encode their expertise into reusable software components, while remaining compatible with their existing tools. If we are… successful, the devops community will enter a new golden age of explosive innovation and collaboration, with the Dagger platform and brand at its center.
    About The Role
    A Software Engineer at Dagger will help in building the core platform, setting the engineering culture, and maintaining engineering quality as we scale. An ideal Senior Software Engineer is an experienced generalist who ships fast, and has built developer-facing products before. We encourage engineers to sustain our culture of autonomy, innovation, and creativity.
    About The Product
    Dagger is a portable development kit for CICD pipelines. Using Dagger, software teams can create powerful pipelines with minimal effort, then run them anywhere. Devops engineers love Dagger because it allows:
    Re-using the same pipelines across dev and CI
    Testing and debugging pipelines locally
    Re-using their same pipeline across CI environment, without re-writes
    You can expect to:
    Build the product using the Go programming language
    Work directly with our teams, users and Dagger clients
    Be in the center of an open source community by helping DevOps engineer build their platform with Dagger
    Learn and help integrate with several Cloud Platforms and DevOps tools
    Mentor other team members
    Develop other open source upstream projects such as Buildkit and CUE
    You may be a good fit for our team if you have:
    5+ years of experience working as a Senior Engineer
    Experience with Go, Docker containers
    Experience with Cloud Providers either as a user or a developer (e.g. AWS, GCP, Azure)
    Bonus: experience with moby/buildkit and CUE
    Familiarity with microservice architectures and operation on a global scale
    Discuss design and performance tradeoffs in complex systems
    Benefits of working at Dagger:
    Health & Wellness -We pay 100% medical, dental, vision, and supplemental insurance premiums for you AND your family.
    Professional Development & Growth-We encourage professional development and growth. On a case-by-case basis, we offer funding for team members to pursue their professional goals.
    Workflow - We are a 100% remote-first company: we encourage asynchronous, written communication and autonomy.
    Time Off - 5 weeks personal time off per year (PTO), we encourage everyone to take them.
    Equity - We recognize your contributions to our company through your earned equity in the company