eTeam is looking for a Advance Senior Python Developer

    Candidate is required to do a Live-Coding as part of the screening interview.

    Other Must Have Skills Required…

    • Python Fundamentals- Lists, tuples, indexing, comprehension, unpacking, zip, enumerate, etc.
    • Advanced - Decorators, Generators, Type hinting, regex, multi-threading, logging, etc.
    • Object Oriented Programming - Inheritance, multiple inheritance, encapsulation, Interfaces, ABCs, etc.
    • Error handling - Raising errors, creating own errors, debugging, etc.
    • Unit Testing - Testing functions, dependency injection, testing for errors, testing classes, etc.
    • Flask Restful API development - Routes, handlers, client-side programming, etc.
    • Libraries - PyMongo, Flask, Requests, Enum, importlib, etc.
    • Strong business communication skills (written/spoken) to be able to interact with geographically distributed stakeholders.
    • Ability to work with teams in distributed time-zones to help deliver automation projects to clients