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    Echo It Solutions is looking for a Mumps Programmer

    Requested Qualifications 84 months experience working closely with Project Managers and participating on Project Teams providing technical assistance and high-level guidance in making use of new technologies and methodologies when implementing new projects while delivering continual improvements for an existing legacy system

    84 months programming experience using MUMPS (Mass. General Utility… Multi-Programming System) excluding post relational Cache' (i.e., Cache' objects, etc.).

    84 months experience using MUMPS (excluding post relational Cache') to develop and implement Admission / Discharge / Release and / or Financial Eligibility and Billing software in a health-care delivery environment

    48 months of experience using business intelligence, including data analytics and statistical analysis with the purpose of drawing conclusions on how the information fits in with an overall strategic vision of an organization.

    36 months experience working with data exchange standards for sharing healthcare related data. For example, Federal HIPAA Transactions (ASC 835, 837, etc.), HL7, National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), etc

    18 months experience working with a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) using WSDL in SOAP applications for the creation of Cache' web services.

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