Encultured AI is looking for a Rust Game Engineer


    Berkeley / SF bay area. We work in-person at our office in Berkeley for two days per week, and on other days we have the option of working from the office or from home. Fully remote work may be an option for very strong candidates with years of experience in game development…

    Starting between $120k and $180k per year depending on experience, plus healthcare benefits, and equity incentives vesting over 5 years, with raises also becoming available with good individual performance or team-wide accomplishments that expand our revenue stream. We also offer a Safe-Harbor 401(k) with the IRS maximum employer matching.

    In this role, we are seeking a strong software engineer with experience in Rust. We need candidates with both an enthusiasm for integrating novel generative AI technologies with video game development, as well as the patience to build large components of our game world using more reliable traditional methods. Culturally, we're looking for good communicators who are excited to work as part of a team on a shared codebase, who are happy for other team members to dive into the code they've written and make changes.

    Any of the following is a valuable bonus, but not required:

    • prior work on video game development;
    • familiarity with generative AI tools, at least to the point of playing around with them recreationally;
    • experience managing other engineers as employees;
    • familiarity with UI design, graphic design, product branding, and/or other artistic ability.

    In addition, we have two tiers of qualification for this role: Junior Rust Game Engineer & Senior Rust Game Engineer. To qualify directly for the Senior title upon joining, we require candidates who have either: a Bachelor’s degree or above in computer science, physics, mathematics, or a closely related field, or extensive industry experience that is clearly beyond that of a typical college graduate in CS