Ennsee Technologies is looking for a Python Developer (ETL & API)||W2

    Job Title: Python based ETL and API integration

    Location : Mclean VA…

    Position: Contracting Role on our W2

    Job Description:

    • Python based ETL - Someone who can write Python code for data transition from one database to another. We're trying to change all our pipelines to Python based specifically.
    • Data transformation skills are easier to implement so it's really the Python skills we are interested in.
    • A Python Developer who has experience in API integration and Data transition should be fine.
    • Angular, JavaScript, NodeJS - Not mandatory.
    • Our entire application is built in the Django framework.
    • Not looking for a Python Application Developer since the application framework is already in place.
    • Instead, we need Python from the scripting standpoint to get the data out of the API and load that data into the database.
    • Need Python focused people over Data Engineers since data transformation is not a complex task.
    • Data Engineers can be considered as long as they have this experience we're looking for in Python Development.
    • We need people who can do heads down development instead of people who can solution new ideas for us as solutioning is already happening here.
    • ETL - The whole application is centered around getting data out of various APIs/ data sources that are already connected. We want to do it in a more automated way.
    • Taking that data, staging it and performing pipeline transformation to get data into a format to create reporting from it.
    • People who are familiar with data structure such as what kind of joins need to happen, how to do the above things in Python etc. is what we are looking for