Entarch Solutions is looking for a React Developer, Washington, DC

    The REACT developer position requires you to design and develop REACT based UI modules for an enterprise web application. You will work with a team of developers to facilitate continuous feature release of applications.

    Candidates local to the Washington DC Metro Area Only…

    Required Experience:

    • 6+ years of Enterprise Web Development experience
    • 2 years of experience in working with React-UI framework (React.js)
    • Experience in working with ReactJS, RXJS, NodeJS, ES6/5
    • Experience in REDUX architecture
    • Experience in working with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular 2.0, React.JS, and Bootstrap
    • Experience in developing React Native components
    • Experience in working with JSX (Javascript Syntax Extension)
    • Experience in working with REST APIs
    • Experience in working with JSON and XML

    Preferred Experience:

    • Experience in working with Angular 2.0
    • Experience in working with Spring Boot and Spring Technologies
    • Experience in working with any REACT based UI toolkit

    About Entarch Solutions:
    Entarch Solutions, LLC is based in the Washington DC metro area, providing computer solutions for small to large scale businesses. Our extensive list of services, years of experience, and technology solutions continue to evolve to match the ever-changing tech landscape. Our innovation-oriented mindset cements us as one of the leading software teams and drives us to produce high-quality software and mobile solutions that fit our clients’ requirements. From product development to evolutionary advisory, Entarch excels at finding solutions to our clients’ problems, as well as advising with options, feasibility, gap analysis, and ramifications