Fractal Wealth is looking for a Senior Solidity Software Engineer

    Senior Solidity Software Engineer
    As a Senior Solidity Software Engineer, you will help Tokemak build the future of liquidity infrastructure within Web3/crypto


    Develop and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain using Solidity
    Assist with the architecture and design of advanced DeFi centric smart contracts
    Write and maintain tests using the Foundry toolkit to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the smart contracts


    2+ years Solidity experience, including deploying contracts to mainnet
    Deep understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine, including gas optimization tradeoffs and security best practices
    Experience building in DeFi, managing a protocol with significant TVL is a plus
    Interested in Ethereum research and trends including L2s and ZK rollups
    Familiarity with the Foundry toolkit, or similar framework