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    Georgia IT is looking for a Senior Dotnet Developer

    Job Description:
    Job Description

    Position: Senior Dotnet Developer Location: Remote
    Duration: Contract Rate: DOE

    Required Experience
    Looking for 10 years experience.
    6 years of experience advanced working as an SDE at an Enterprise Level (consumer facing)
    3 years of experience building web APIs in C# and .net
    3 years of experience building cloud native web apis
    3 years of experience in AWS application development and monitoring
    3 years of experience building scalable Kubernetes EKS applications
    Hands on experience in developing and shipping high throughput REST APIs
    Advanced knowledge of C# Web API and REST standards and development
    A deep understanding of application architecture and development in .NET/Service Oriented models, .NET framework, CLR
    Experience with architecture involving asynchronous workflows such as Kafka
    Experience with NoSQL databases such as Cassandra or DynamoDB
    Ability to read/write SQL queries
    Experience with Microservices
    Hands on experience in designing and documenting REST APIs and system integrations documentation
    Experience with API testing, performance testing and performance debugging tools

    Years of Experience

    • Experience advanced working as an SDE at an Enterprise Level (consumer facing) 6 years
    • Experience building web apis in C# and .net 6 years
    • Experience building cloud native web apis 6 years

    Solid experience in observability and monitoring tools such as NewRelic, Splunk, DataDog, AppInsights
    Experience with Apigee gateway and proxy development
    Experience in authorization and authentication mechanisms on REST APIs
    Experience in lifting and shifting services from on-prem to cloud
    Infrastructure automation such as Chef, Terraform, ARM templates
    Experience with DevOps techniques and practices
    Experience with PowerShell and command line scripts

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    Recommended Job Skills: Bug/Defect Analysis, Debugging

    Average Estimate Salary for a Senior Dotnet Developer: $54.48 to $70.60

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