Global IT Con LLC. is looking for a Python Developer

    Python Developer

    Fulltime role…

    Dallas, TX

    Job Description:

    Python Development (used as the backend to retrieve Azure data and generate Excel files)

    Required Skills:

    · Pandas - data manipulation, merges, and data-analytics

    · Proficiency with Python libraries PySpark, Pytest, Pymongo, cxOracle, PyExcel, Boto3, Psycopg, embedPy, NumPy and Beautiful Soup

    · xlwings - library to manipulate Excel files thru IPC

    · Ability to integrate Azure APIs thru Python Azure SDK and Azure CLI

    · Pivot tables

    · Proficiency with formulas and micros

    · Design and maintenance of data tables sourced from external csv files

    · Data Analysis & Hygiene

    · Experience in using Microsoft Azure SQL database, Azure Data Factory, Functions and PowerBI

    · Proficiency with dimensional modelling, data migration, data cleansing, data profiling, and ETL processes features

    Preferred Skills:

    · 3-5 years of relevant work experience working with SOAP and REST APIs /design.

    · Advanced Excel Development Skills

    · Hands on experience in designing and implementing data engineering pipelines