Hyperlane Network is looking for a Senior Rust Engineer in New York - Hyperlane Network

    At Hyperlane Network, the team is working on Hyperlane, an inter-blockchain messaging platform. Our mission is to empower developers to build the next generation of multi-chain decentralized applications.

    Hyperlane is seeking a Senior Rust Engineer to join as an early engineering team hire…
    In this role you will

    • Design, architect & implement Rust off-chain agents that facilitate the delivery of messages across chains. Topics will vary, some examples are data structure replication for more efficient message broadcast, distributed signature aggregation and developer interfaces for cross-chain computation.
    • Help build out the team around the agents
    • Be responsible for setting best practices for the team
      For this role you have
    • 4+ years of experience working with performance-critical systems
    • Ability to operate independently under uncertainty
    • Strong sense of initiative and ownership
    • Experience working on distributed systems
    • Experience within the blockchain space
    • Experience working with Rust