Intrigma is looking for a Remote Software Engineer C# .NET with relocation opportunities...

    Company Description

    We're a USA-based software company with a remote team. What makes us different is our incredible team culture. We're seeking talented .Net developers who enjoy working in a fun international environment. We are building a distributed application using Blazor and MS Orleans. We have a very well-organized codebase; we follow best practices making it easier for new engineers to… find their way around. The company was founded in 2004 and is growing fast. We provide a scheduling software solution to hospitals, telemedicine companies, and large medical organizations. Scheduling is complicated (NP-Complete complexity!) and our solution simplifies it. The company prides itself in offering the most advanced scheduling solution available today.
    Engineering values:

    • We maintain a well-organized codebase - loosely coupled and highly cohesive
    • We follow SOLID principles.
    • We practice TDD (with 20,000+ unit tests!)
    • We value and enjoy learning from one another.

    Company culture:

    • Our engineers see this as more than a job, we're a small community. Teammates enjoy spending time together and often become personal friends.
    • You'll work with an amazing team of senior techies in a collaborative environment.
    • The engineering team likes to have fun, we host travel-hackathons in cities around the world. Previous hackathon destinations included Portugal, Spain, Montenegro, and others.
    • Our team is a meritocracy and this value runs deep in our culture. We celebrate individuals by their achievements.

    Job Description

    Are you passionate about C# and enterprise applications and interested in a vital role in a fast-growing company? At intrigma, you'll help us build a distributed application using Blazor, Orleans, Microservices, and Kubernetes. We also developed a sophisticated optimization algorithm for the automated scheduling feature of our product.
    We are looking for creative, dynamic, and passionate C# software engineers to join our development team. Our team's culture is such that our engineers are very fun to work with and often become good friends. We have opportunities to work on many different parts of our core product, including backend, frontend, infrastructure, microservices, distributed systems, and more.


    • Minimum 3+ years working experience in a C# stack
    • OOD / OOP / SOLID
    • C# .Net
    • SQL Server

    Optional qualifications (if you have these it's a plus)

    • Blazor Front End (new)
    • Orleans distributed framework (new)
    • .Net Core a plus
    • ASP.Net
    • Background in Math, Algorithms, and Heuristics a plus
    • NHibernate ORM
    • CI/CD
    • Kubernetes/Kubectl
    • Helm

    Additional Information


    • Opportunities for relocation to the USA and Georgia. Several of our Russian-speaking engineers recently relocated here.
    • Work from home
    • Work with a team of kind, motivated people who are passionate about making a difference in healthcare - we are agile!
    • Very well organized code base, SOLID, TDD, CI/CD
    • Travel-hackathons: enjoy other cities around the world while writing great code
    • Fun culture including company outings and events
    • Ask….we have more