Jersey Staffing Solutions, LLC is looking for a Junior C# Developer

    Position: Junior C# Developer

    Position Type: Direct Hire…

    Location: The position can be entirely remote, but there is some benefit to the candidate being based near one of the U.S. offices, specifically New York City or Somerset (NJ).

    Our client is searching for a Junior C# developer for their Migration Practice Group (email archive migration). The candidate will be required to design, write and maintain C# coding, contribute to design and planning sessions, and formulate approaches for current and future coding tasks.

    To ensure success the candidate must have rich coding abilities and be able to problem solve effectively and timely. Knowledge of Node.js, C++, VB.net and Blazor is preferred. A quality developer will be able to perform full-stack development as well as handle the creation, maintenance and further development of .NET applications and programs. Extensive knowledge and experience with the Visual studio IDE required.

    What the Junior C# Developer is responsible for:

    • Developing C# solutions for the organization.
    • Creating in-house applications using the .NET framework.
    • Debugging and maintaining written code.
    • Defining and organizing projects on an ongoing basis.
    • Reporting and resolving issues related to .NET projects.
    • Identifying and handling technical risks and issues.
    • Working in a project team alongside other developers.
    • Providing technical support to team members in the organization.
    • Reporting on project statuses and developments to senior team members.
    • Participating in project meetings with management and other team members.
      �� Other development related tasks.

    What experience we are looking for:

    • A bachelor’s or an associate degree in computer science and 1-2 years of programming experience.
    • Knowledge of other languages (C++, Node.js, VB.net, Web Assemblies, etc.)
    • Ability to write clean and elegant code.
    • Experience working remotely.
    • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving skills.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Technical documentation.
    • Ability to work autonomously and complete projects with minimal supervision.
    • Experience in Agile/Scrum methodologies.
    • Client Server development.
    • Cloud development (AWS, Azure, SharePoint, Google, etc.)
    • Expert knowledge of Source Control.
    • Experience developing and consuming SOAP and RESTful APIs.
    • N Tier database systems such as MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostGreSQL, etc.
    • NoSQL systems such as MongoDB, CouchDB, Elasticsearch, etc.

    Jersey Staffing and our Client are Equal Opportunity Employers.
    *Please note, Jersey staffing does not currently have any mandatory vaccination policies for COVID-19. However, as Jersey Staffing is a placement agency, many of its clients do. Jersey Staffing is unaware of many client requirements until a conditional offer to engage a candidate is made. As such, candidates should be prepared to comply with client requirements in the event a candidate of Jersey Staffing is offered an engagement/assignment opportunity by a client. Any decision made by a client is solely the decision of the client and not a decision of Jersey Staffing, nor will Jersey Staffing be responsible for such. No medical or other information should be shared with Jersey Staffing unless specifically requested