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    jetsonify is looking for a Ruby on Rails Developer

    Let’s face it. You’ve always dreamed of working with a start-up from the ground up where your brilliant design ideas could be applied to a wicked cool new product. We’re talking about a product that will not only revolutionize an industry, but more importantly for your sake, one that you and your friends will use, and one that you’ll be happy to brag about. Sound intriguing?

    If you think you’ve… got enough spunk and also possess some mad skills, keep reading.

    We are looking for a Senior level web developer to join the Jetsonify team immediately. The right individual will have experience using Ruby on Rails extensively, have an excellent knowledge of Javascript, HTML, CSS, and experience in TDD (test driven development). As a key member of the Jetsonify team, you will be responsible for building innovative web and, hopefully mobile, applications and solutions. You will be passionate about ensuring the delivery of high quality software and manage the staging and release cycles of multi, concurrent branches.

    Jetsonify is currently operating in “stealth mode” for the time being, but feel free to get in touch for more info if you think that you’re the rock star that we’re looking for. Ideally we’d love for someone to join our team full time in Cambridge/Boston, MA. But seeing as how life is rarely ideal, we’d also be open to talking to designers in San Fran or Atlanta. If you’re reading this and you’re outside of these areas but still think you deserve a shot at the title, we’ll entertain your plea for working virtually if you make an impressive case for us to consider, in 3 sentences or less.

    Compensation for the Developer position depends on experience.


    • Create new products and applications
    • Integrating external APIs into our products
    • Tweak system performance
    • Must be self-directed, confident, and able to work in a fast-paced startup environment


    • A Minimum of 3-7 years of web application development experience
    • Have built top-quality web software
    • Expert knowledge of rails and web development; expert knowledge of a similar framework may be acceptable
    • Strong knowledge of SQL and databases
    • Strong Javascript skills
    • Up to date on web developments; familiar with HTML5 and CSS3
    • Detailed knowledge of performance and scalability, including front-end web browser performance analysis
    • In-depth knowledge of scalability, systems engineering, design patterns, and algorithms
    • Great product sense and design sense; excellent technical judgement and architecture experience


    • Ruby on Rails experience, MVC (Model-View-Controller) patterns, gems, etc.

    Be a proponent of QA, TDD (test driven development), BDD (behavior driven development) and automated test tools

    • Server-side programming, SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), REST
    • Extensive OOP knowledge and/or experience
    • Strong web skills: XHTML,HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, Jquery
    • Database skills (Postgres/MySQL, Rails migrations, queries, joins)
    • Project Management and mentoring experience
    • Use Agile development practices and SCRUM methodologies

    Solid communication skills, team player, and ready to create magic with a stellar startup team