Lagrange Labs is looking for a Cryptography Researcher / Rust Engineer (Zero-Knowledge Proofs ...

    We are an early-stage San Francisco based Web3 startup that is looking to hire a part-time Applied Cryptography engineer / researcher. The ideal candidate would have familiarity developing cryptographic libraries in Golang, Rust or similar languages.

    Our team ( is currently building a novel cryptographic primitive for cross-blockchain communication built through a… combination of threshold signature schemes, Verkle tries and zk-SNARKs. In short, our proof system will enable decentralized applications (DApps) to verify cross-chain contract states purely through cryptography, and without the use of messaging protocols, bridges or oracles.

    The ideal candidate would have:

    • A background in applied cryptography and research (zero-knowledge proofs, threshold-signature schemes, Verkle trees, multiparty computation, etc)
    • Designed and built a decentralized protocol from the ground up
    • Experience with modern zero-knowledge proof designs (Plonky2, Groth16, Plonk, etc) and polynomial commitment schemes (KZG and FRI)
    • Contributed to papers about solutions to problems in decentralized protocols
    • Experience writing and maintaining cryptographic libraries in Rust or Go
    • Independent motivation and an interest in being part of a team building innovative products

    This role is part-time for now but has the potential to become full-time with salary and equity at a later date.

    Lagrange Labs focuses on Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in San Francisco. They have a small team that's between 11-50 employees.

    You can view their website at