Lone Wolf Technologies Career Center is looking for a Senior Ruby Developer

    Job Description:

    We are looking for a Ruby Developer to help keep our systems in tip-top shape. This means taking ownership of the performance and maintainability of multiple systems…

    We are a distributed team, so day-to-day work requires active participation in Microsoft Teams, and the ability to seek help when you are stuck.

    Big projects you will be working on

    We have a large ETL system with hundreds of API connections producing millions of records that need to be processed quickly and accurately. It needs to remain rock solid all day every day. You will be helping us identify when things go haywire and collaborate on plans to improve it.

    We have hundreds of thousands of customers that expect a quality product. You will help us identify common errors they receive and help us in creating an excellent experience for every user.

    We have a suite of products we offer within the residential real estate industry, used by hundreds of thousands of customers who have come to expect a remarkably high level of quality from our products. You will play a large part in helping to both bring new features to the market, along with maintaining and improving some of our legacy codebases

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    Job ID: j202206100029401394718

    Recommended Job Skills: Bug/Defect Tracking, Compatibility Testing

    Average Estimate Salary for a Senior Ruby Developer: $89,362 to $114,124

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