Longevity InTime BioTech is looking for a Solidity Blockchain Developer

    Навыки: Solidity, Blockchain. Квалификация: Intern. Специализации: Разработчик баз данных.

    • Fully remote
    • Free health tracking using proprietary technologies
    • The salary range is for informational purposes only. The exact offer will come after 3 test tasks and would be based on option stock model.

    Sweat for equity vseting model, meaning you should work not less than 12 months to get equity.

    If you want not only to become a millionaire with your coding skills but to save your loved ones & yourself & become a millionaire by the hours of life, join us - a 40 members team from 35 countries. For that, we request to make a free 2 quick onboarding tests (15-30 min each), to get you to know about our products and 1 free programming test.

    If you are ok with it, please message in Telegram with your:

    • CV
    • Primary skill set description written in the message, even if they mentioned in the CV
    • Additional skill set description
    • Acknowledgement for making free test
    • Your skill level. If… you are lower than we look for or have less years experience, please briefly assure us that you are a good fit. Afterall we will look at your programming test task to see your fit.

    We will start evaluating your reply ONLY if it contains all 5 answers, apologies in advance for this strict rule.


    Telegram: @InTimeDigitizeMeToLive120

    Please bypass Telegram's barriers for messaging to new users, there is a solution, please Google it. If you can't bypass them (and that would be strange, so please send me here your telegram user link).

    Please note, that if you ask some question here and I didn't reply, that means the answer was already in the materials. Due to what we do in the longevity field, we know the real price of the person's time and value it more than money, so we kindly ask for the same in return.