MetaSearch Global Consulting is looking for a Compiler Engineer (Rust) (Hybrid)

    About the role

    We are seeking dedicated compiler engineers to help build the worlds leading developer platform for zero-knowledge applications…

    As our Compiler Engineer, you will join a small team to maintain and test the official implementation of the Leo programming language (Rust-inspired, reminiscent of Javascript and Typescript). You will be tasked with designing new language tools, implementing new compiler features, maintaining existing features, and shipping production-ready code. You should have a passion for open-source software and understand that your code will be widely used to deploy programs on a decentralized network. You should care about privacy in the digital age and have a desire to contribute to the space.


    • Design, develop, and deploy new language constructs in the high-level Leo compiler and low-level snarkVM virtual machine to harness the power of zero-knowledge proofs.
    • Build, test and ship customer-facing services and products in Rust and web languages.
    • Work with engineers, designers, and leadership to turn our product and technical vision into deliverables each quarter.
    • Write high-quality, well-tested code to meet the needs of your customers.


    • At least 3 years of experience in software engineering, including 1 year of Rust development.
    • Experience contributing to a new programming language and/or implementing compiler passes such as type inference, constant folding, or canonicalization.
    • Familiarity with cryptography and zkSNARK programming concepts such as R1CS constraints.
    • Interest in fuzzing, formal verification, or other PL research.
    • You have gone through rapid growth in your company (from startup to mid-size).
    • A degree in Computer Science or a background in programming language design.
      �� Ability to clearly communicate and document your thoughts and code.

    Nice to have

    • Ideally looking for someone located in SF / Bay area.
    • Proficiency in compiler optimizations and language theory.

    Salary & Benefits

    • $180K- $265K plus an equity package determined through the interview process after a review of experience, knowledge, skills, as well as alignment with market data
    • Monthly budget for expenses relating to working in a remote environment (home office set up & supplies, transportation, fitness & personal well-being, continued learning, etc.)
    • Comprehensive, top-tier healthcare coverage
    • Flexible vacation policy
    • Ability to attend major industry conferences and global events at the companys expense
    • Regular team off-sites and retreats