Motive Workforce Solutions is looking for a Sr. Rust Developer

    Our client is committed to building secure and reliable software that protects our customers' data. Their approach is fundamentally different from most mainstream security companies. Instead of adding layers of security on top of an insecure system, they build software that is inherently secure.

    Our client builds need-to-know technology that supports customers working in hostile environments… Traditional systems trust IT infrastructure to maintain the whole security system, even though the news is rife with evidence that this model does not work. Thier software combines end to end encryption with a distributed ledger (aka Blockchain) technology to offer best-in-class security with no backdoors.

    The Engineering team is comprised of passionate and creative people who are committed to the premise that complexity is the enemy of security. The problem of security will not be solved by layering on more band-aids, e.g., firewalls, packet inspection, two-factor authentication, etc. these add complexity by increasing the attack surface. They take a fundamentally different approach by removing the need to trust your infrastructure or your admins through the combination of:

    • Zero-trust systems and applied cryptography
    • Distributed ledger

    The platform and applications - built on Rust and Go - enable their customers to collaborate and communicate securely, and we're looking for growing the team to help turn this ambitious vision into reality. The company culture is focused on productivity and creativity, and they are committed to collaboration with their colleagues across the organization