Nucamp Coding Bootcamp is looking for a React and React Native Developer | Coding Instructor - Chicago, IL

    Nucamp ( the #1 Coding Bootcamp in the US is seeking part-time teaching assistants (TA) specialized in React and React Native for its Front End and Full Stack Web and Mobile Development Bootcamps for students near the Chicago, Illinois area.

    Every day bring your passion to help students achieve their goal to become a developer. Our business is built upon helping communities… succeed; your passion to deliver the best learning experience in the classroom is the first prerequisite for teaching with Nucamp.

    As an teaching assistant for Nucamp, you will look after a classroom of maximum 15 students in a blended environment mixing self-study and live workshop experiences - all online. This is the perfect position for someone interested in community development through education, while supplementing his / her income. You will be supporting adult students of diverse career, educational backgrounds, and cultures learn the awesome world of programming.

    Nucamp's mission is to offer affordable learning programs for professional adults seeking the skills they need for the career they want. We are bringing together local teaching assistants, students and offering great curriculum and pedagogy structure to make it happen. You can play a significant role in helping your community, while also earning income and enhancing your resume.

    Your Responsibilities:

    • During the week, spend 45-60 minutes a day engaging with students, answering their questions and helping with their learning journey while they watch video lectures and perform exercises. This will be done online, at any time, from anywhere.
    • At the end of the week (Saturdays), spend 4 hours delivering online workshops. Grade the student's weekly assignments.
    • Keep students motivated to complete their learning journey; be very responsive to individual student needs.


    • We're seeking individuals with 2+ years of knowledge in React and React Native, as well as knowledge of React, React Native, Redux, Hooks, Expo.
    • Additional skills needed: Advanced JavaScript, Data Structure, Algorithms.
    • Teaching experience is highly desired.

    Job Details:

    • Part-time.
    • Compensation: $250 per week or more