Open Energy Solutions Inc. is looking for a Rust Engineer

    Are you looking for an opportunity to help make an impact in the energy world?

    Transform today's grids to take advantage of IoT architectures and enable tomorrow's innovations…

    Help create the energy infrastructure of tomorrow by incorporating and managing power creation and distribution with open and green technologies?

    Open Energy Solutions, Inc. is a start-up utility services and software development company that is enabling utilities and utility vendors to push execution to the edge of their grid infrastructure, through the development and implementation of distributed technologies and intelligence.

    We are seeking a Rust engineer comfortable working in C++, and other languages, as needed. Job can be done remotely - no relocation is necessary.


    • Develop high-quality software design and architecture
    • Identify, prioritize and execute tasks in the software development lifecycle
    • Review and debug code
    • Comfortability with developing moderate to complex components and integrate them into larger, existing solutions
    • Perform validation and verification testing
    • Collaborate with the team with well communicated and documented processes
    • Document development phases and monitor systems
    • Ensure software is meeting best practices and technology choices


    • Minimum of 3-years' experience with Rust and C++
    • Experience with Go, Swift, and/or Python is considered a plus
    • Demonstrates agility with switching between multiple programming languages
    • Distributed systems experience
    • Experience with both on-premise and cloud services, architectures, and deployments.
    • Ability to achieve high-level of productivity in a distributed/remote working environment
    • Familiar with publish/subscribe architectures - past experience a plus
    • Ability to project a minimum level of professionalism both internally with co-workers and externally with customers & possibly investors
    • Understanding of electric power industry, especially distribution/transmission systems is a plus
    • Understanding of digital signal processing and controls theory a plus

    Compensation variable depending on experience.