Outlet Finance is looking for a Rust (Cosmwasm) Smart Contract Engineer

    About Outlet

    Outlet provides the best cash accounts in America, with a 9%+ APY - over 100x what traditional banks are paying. This is made possible by leveraging DeFi. We are a high growth startup looking to change how banking is done and we are hiring smart folks to help us get there…

    We are hiring a Rust (Cosmwasm) Smart Contract engineer to help us build the next product we are launching - a purpose build DAO to support our current mobile app. You would take the lead role in developing a purpose built DAO that will allow mainstream consumers to further reap the benefits of DeFi without even knowing how it all works.


    • Lead the development of the DAO smart contracts. The contracts will have the usual DeFi mechanics: tokenomics, yield farmings, governance and more
    • Write clean, safe, well documented code
    • Create unit tests for all the code you write
    • Work with smart contract auditors to ensure attack vectors do not exist (or minimized as much as possible)


    • 3 years experience working with Rust
    • Experience working with Cosmwasm and deploying smart contracts to the Terra blockchain
    • Must be able to fully deploy smart contracts that allow for yield farming and complex tokenomics
    • Technical understanding of tokenomics and game theory for Olympus DAO and/or Wonderland
    • A general understanding of Defi mechanics

    Outlet Finance focuses on Financial Services, Banking, Fin Tech, and Blockchain / Cryptocurrency. Their company has offices in New York City. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

    You can view their website at https://outlet.finance or find them on Twitter and LinkedIn