People Technology and Processes LLC is looking for a AMC- Javascript Developer

    Job Description:
    Responsibilities include, but are not limited to

    ? Develop, troubleshoot and maintain application code for existing applications on the front-end (TypeScript, ReactJS, HTML, CSS, Sass, AntD, etc.) ? Collaborate with team in defining architecture; implement data contracts; identify and proactively advise on potential risks to success ? Design, develop and test new modules throughout their life cycle - Translate design vision provided by the management team ? Manage application dependencies ? Develop and maintain regression and unit testing platform ? Research and recommend changes to management team to improve application and user experience ? Follow coding conventions, policies and procedures provided

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    Job ID: j202305110733495419256

    Recommended Job Skills: Architecture, Building Codes

    Average Estimate Salary for an AMC- Javascript Developer: $88,797 to $112,876

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