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    Prime Protocol is looking for a Senior Solidity Engineer

    As a Senior Solidity Engineer, you will lead exciting projects such as developing our risk engine, interest rate models, sophisticated price oracles, integrating with new message passing protocols, and launching on rapidly growing chains. You will work alongside the rest of the engineering organization to create a product that is secure, reliable, and user-friendly.


    • 2+ years of experience building and releasing production grade Solidity contracts
    • 4+ years developing industry grade software
    • A deep understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine
    • Prior experience deploying complex smart contract systems to mainnet
    • Experience working with DEXs, AMMs, Vaults and, general DeFi
    • Experience implementing complex math in Solidity
    • Experience using hardhat
    • Experience using Layer0 or other cross chain protocols is a plus


    • Design secure, efficient smart contracts to facilitate stablecoin loans
    • Write rigorous tests using mocha/hardhat
    • Collaborate with other teams to integrate with existing dapps
    • Take initiative to suggest improvements to protocol architecture