Radiansys, Inc. is looking for a JavaScript/React Developer

    Job Description:
    Job Description

    ole/Title JavaScript/React Developer

    Location NYC, NY / Columbus, OH

    Duration: 06 months with Temp to hire

    Required Skills JavaScript/TypeScript/React/HTML/CSS Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science or a technical discipline At least 6 years of experience building robust and efficient applications in enterprise environments Familiarity with current best practices in Software Development Lifecycle Significant experience with: Experience delivering complex and high performing web applications using React Web Technologies: HTML, HTTP, CSS, Typescript, React, Axios, Webpack, JEST, Cypress, Storybook, MSW Web security best practices (OWASP, ISO-27001, SOC 2)

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    Recommended Job Skills: Access Control, Data Analysis

    Average Estimate Salary for a JavaScript/React Developer: $42.19 to $65.71

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