Red Hat Software is looking for a Golang Tools Engineer

    About the job

    The Red Hat Platform Tools team is looking for a Golang Tools Engineer with experience in the Go programming language and its related tools. In this role, you will support the existing team with the development, maintenance, and support of our core Golang compiler tools and contribute to related community projects. You'll work as part of a fast-paced, highly experienced, and… exciting engineering team distributed across the globe and you’ll participate in a vibrant open source culture. You'll help promote quality and innovation in the Red Hat Platform Tools team and within the Go community. As a Golang Tools Engineer, you will be jointly responsible for the core Go compilers, libraries, and related tools that are shipped in Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Fedora releases and are used to build Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. As a result, you’ll directly contribute to Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud business and roadmap. Work location is flexible, but engineers in North America or a European country where Red Hat is registered to do business are preferred.

    What you will do

    • Work with the Red Hat Platform Tools team to develop excellent tools through practical development and collaboration with the open source Go community
    • Interact with internal and external developers and communities
    • Work with the Platform Tools team and other Red Hat’s engineering teams and the community on senior-level feature contributions to Golang, related compiler security and bug fixes, efficiency improvements and optimizations, and some light packaging tasks where needed
    • Accept, analyze, and respond to bug reports against tools packages in your area of responsibility
    • Plan and track development and periodically report progress to team management

    What you will bring

    • Experience with open source compiler or tools development
    • Professional experience working on the Go compiler or toolchain or a substantial Golang community project

    The following are considered a plus:

    • Experience with C and C++ toolchains and debuggers
    • Experience or familiarity with the Linux kernel
    • Experience with or knowledge of FIPS 140-2
    • Advanced knowledge of Go language, compiler, library, runtime, and debug internals
    • Practical experience developing Go tools, ideally for enterprise use
    • Direct experience with Go tools community participation
    • Knowledge of and experience with system tools internals, e.g., compilers and debug formats
    • Bachelor's degree or higher in computer science, computer engineering, or a technology-related discipline