Spruce Infotech Inc is looking for a React Lead Developer | Direct Client | Remote

    Job Description:
    Job Description


    1 year contract

    React Lead Developer

    Must Haves:





    Very experienced at software level that they're implementing

    Design patterns - know it- speak with architects on what's needed

    Code reviews

    Document development processes -

    Work closely with PMs and SMs and understand the req

    Work with Jr developers to get better

    When work comes in, lead it, work with SMs, open up a story, communication is key.

    Sr developer everything as tech lead

    Review design. Reach out to Lead

    When something is assigned to them, with limited info, step out of comfort zone and talk to other developers - architects


    Come up with ideas

    Code reviews

    • should know issues before the boss knows about it.

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    • Position Id: 2023-32465
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    Recommended Job Skills: Concept Development, Conceptual Design

    Average Estimate Salary for a React Lead Developer | Direct Client | Remote: $47.95 to $62.27

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