SynergisticIT is looking for a Entry Level Python Developer

    Job Description

    Job Description SYNERGISTICIT wants every candidate to know that the Job Market is Challenging and to stand out you need to have exceptional skills and technologies and that's where we come in to make sure you get the attention which you need…

    We are looking for Jobseekers wanting to file H1b visa
    Position open to all visas and US citizens

    We at Synergisticit understand the problem of the mismatch between employer's requirements and Employee skills and that's why since 2010 we have helped thousands of candidates get jobs at technology clients like apple, google, Paypal, western union, Client, visa, walmart labs etc to name a few.

    We have an excellent reputation with the clients. Currently, We are looking for entry-level software programmers, IT enthusiasts, Python/Java developers, Data analysts/ Data Scientists.

    We welcome candidates with all visas and citizens to apply.

    We assist in filing for STEM extension and also for H1b and Green card filing to Candidates looking to upskill/enhance their IT skills.

    Candidates who are serious about their future in the IT Industry and have set big goals for themselves.

    Candidates having difficulty in finding jobs or cracking interviews or who wants to improve their skill portfolio. We also offer Skill enhancement programs if the candidates are missing skills or experience which our clients need with great outcomes

    Candidates can benefit from skill enhancement if they fall into the below categories. If they are qualified with enough skills then no need for skill enhancement

    We are looking for Jobseekers wanting to file H1b visa
    Position open to all visas and US citizens

    Candidates who Lack Experience
    Have had a break in careers
    Lack Technical Competency
    Different visa candidates who want to get employed and settle down in the USA

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    • Bachelors degree or Masters degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Information Systems, IT
    • Highly motivated, self-learner, and technically inquisitive
    • Experience in programming language Java and understanding of the software development life cycle
    • Knowledge of Statistics, Python, data visualization tools
    • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
      Preferred skills: NLP, Text mining, Tableau, Time series analysis
      Please understand skills are required by clients for selection even if its Junior or entry level position the additional skills are the only way a candidate can be picked by clients.

    No third party candidates or c2c candidates
    To apply for this position, please apply to the posting

    No phone calls please . Shortlisted candidates would be reached out