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    Tek Energy LLC. is looking for a Ruby OR Rails Developer

    Job Description:
    Job Description

    • 6-7 years related work experience…
    • Full-stack Ruby on Rails / Angular
    • Experience on Google Cloud
    • Experience with Docker and Kubernetes
    • Perform other job duties as assigned
    • Bachelor's degree in a related field

    Roles and responsibilities :

    • Perform all commercial software development duties, including but not limited to technical design, coding, and unit testing so that high quality commercial software releases are delivered to clients in a predictable and consistent schedule according to WellSky development processes
    • Collaborate with solution team(s) to define requirements, conduct analysis, and solve problems
    • Prepare technical documentation, conduct, and participate in code reviews to ensure that commercial software code meets internal standards and follows industry best practices and the highest quality
    • Offer technical direction and guidance to other development team members and assist in managing development environments as well as installing and configuring commercial solutions
    • Deliver solutions that follow best practices and established design patterns

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    Recommended Job Skills: Bug/Defect Analysis, Debugging

    Average Estimate Salary for a Ruby OR Rails Developer: $55.26 to $70.92

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