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    Thought Saver is looking for a Javascript Developer

    Are you a JavaScript (or TypeScript) software developer interested in tackling challenging problems and working on a product aiming to improve people's lives?

    We'd love for you to become the software engineer in charge of Thought Saver…

    The deadline for applying is the end of the day, August 6, 2023.

    About Thought Saver

    Thought Saver is a tool for helping people create beneficial daily routines, including learning routines (that use spaced repetition to help make sure you never forget valuable things you learn) and (in our more recent direction) routines that apply psychological strategies for improving your life (such as "implementation intentions" and "gratitude lists"). Originally the app was focused just on learning, but now we're changing the product to focus on daily routines of all types (with learning routines being just one type of routine). If you like, you can try the learning-focused version here (web) and on the iOS and Android app stores (just search for "Thought Saver").

    Job Description

    We are looking for a highly skilled JavaScript (or TypesScript) developer to take over the development of the product. Experience with React is also helpful (but not required). All the other technologies we use can be learned on the job. Our current technology stack for this product includes the following:

    • Front end: React, Redux, Tailwind CSS, DaisyUI
    • Back end: Vercel (Serverless functions), Firebase (Firestore, authentication, Firestore functions)
    • Android/iOS apps: Capacitor
    • Analytics: BigQuery, Data Studio
    • Testing: Playwright, Jest


    This is a remote (work-at-home) role. You can work from anywhere in the world.

    Work Hours

    This is a full-time role where you can choose the hours that suit you, but you'll be expected to work at least 35 hours per week.


    You will be in charge of engineering the Thought Saver web app (and the Capacitor-based iPhone and Android apps that we compile from the same codebase). You will work closely with a team member who is focused on product direction. In consultation with them, you will decide the best technologies to apply and the suitable architectures to put ideas into practice; then, you will implement these ideas. Your input and ideas will meaningfully and substantially shape our product, and your efforts will help to make the product great.

    At least initially, you'll be the sole software developer on this project. You should be comfortable getting to grips with a complex codebase and independently creating and deploying new features. Writing extensive tests and high-quality code will be essential to allow rapid feature iteration while maintaining the current feature set for existing users.

    Experience & Skills

    Critical requirements to apply:

    • You must be a very strong programmer.
    • You must be able and willing to write high-quality code.
    • You must have significant experience building with JavaScript and at least one front-end or MVC framework (ideally React, but it doesn't have to be React that you've used before)
    • You must love learning and enjoy tackling complex challenges!

    The following are non-mandatory but are bonuses if you have them:

    • Experience in React, Redux, and Firebase
    • Experience with or a strong interest in making user interfaces that surprise and delight users
    • An interest in psychology and/or self-improvement

    This role provides

    • Interesting challenges
    • Responsibility and an opportunity to grow
    • The chance to build a product aimed at improving people's lives
    • Remote working
    • Flexibility in work hours (you can choose what times of day/days of the week you prefer to work)
    • Support from being a part of the Spark Wave ecosystem

    This role pays $27 USD per hour.

    We are looking to hire quickly, so please apply as soon as possible if you are interested in this position.

    The first round of this application process does NOT require a resume (we will ask for resumes in the second round, but unlike most companies, we do not put much importance on them).

    Instead, we ask that you apply by completing an online assessment. This assessment can tell us a lot more about your traits and skills than we could evaluate from a resume.

    Click here to start the job application test

    Those who are top performers on the assessment will be asked to provide a CV or resume and then potentially asked to do an interview.

    The earlier you submit your application, the better.

    If this role seems interesting to you, please apply - you might be a great fit even if you have doubts!

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at:

    Thanks, we look forward to hearing from you