Two95 International Inc. is looking for a React JS developer at Two95 International Inc. Dallas, TX

    React JS developer job at Two95 International Inc.. Dallas, TX.

    Title: React JS developer…

    Location: Dallas, TX / Remote work

    Job Type: 1 year Contract
    Rate: $Open/hour



    • Experience building customizable, reusable, and dynamic frontend components using React JS, React Hooks, JavaScript, ES6, Typescript, HTML and CSS.
    • Experience building a responsive, cross-browser compatible and high-performance web application.
    • Proven ability in implementing best/excellent practices and Design Patterns like promises, application flow control, event/error/AJAX handling, RxJS, observables, and Redux
    • Strong creative, collaboration and communication skills
    • Familiarity with CI/CD, unit testing, automated frontend testing
    • Build high quality code by conducting unit testing and enhancing design to prevent re-occurrences of defects
    • Familiarity with Containerization of FE application with Docker and K8S
    • Familiarity with OAuth 2.0 standard for SSO
    • Have extensive knowledge of open-source libraries, design patterns and micro-frontend architecture e.g. SingleSPA


    Note: If interested please send your updated resume to and include your salary requirement along with your contact details with a suitable time when we can reach you. If you know of anyone in your sphere of contacts, who would be a perfect match for this job then, we would appreciate if you can forward this posting to them with a copy to us.

    We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest