Upwork is looking for a backend development using react JS, firebase

    Hii, below i am attaching the link to a social media project as a college academic project, in this i need certain thing-

    1) a feature like "friend request" like on facebook, when somebody friend request me, it should come up on the icon which is on navbar. Please note that only after accepting the request i can see the users post on my newfeed or homepage…

    2) a realtime chat feature window like that on linkedin.

    3) in searchbar user should be able to search the other users who are registered.

    4) on left side bar there is a option of marketplace, when somebody click on that a new page should come up where other users can list there products.

    5) also if i click on any user's usrname or profile picture, that user profile page should be visible to me. Right now in this current version if i click on anyones profile it redirects me on my profile only

    if it all comes out well then we will be having more features after this.

    Obviously i will be providing code too using a github link